Why Buy

Looking for a way to reduce your waste costs?

The global pandemic has caused many challenges for owners, operators and facility managers. Like you, everyone is looking for ways to reduce costs. Waste and recycling costs are on the rise. Waste companies are seeing a decline in profit and this is reflected in your billing statement.

The Challenge

Over the next 5 years, waste management costs are projected to rise 47%. Waste companies are experiencing a decline in profits. This leads to increased prices to the customer; namely, you.

We Understand

We understand this challenge as we have worked over the past 10 years developing a way to reduce overall costs to you.

An Example

The math is simple. The fewer times you require a service, the less you pay. How do you reduce the number of times your waste is removed? Reduce the size of your waste! Take the #10 can as an example. A crushed #10 can takes up only 20% of the space of an uncrushed can. This can reduce your pick up frequency by 80%. Most companies average a reduction of pick up frequency by 50%. Do the math. You can cut your waste hauling costs significantly.

The Solution

We have a machine that will crush cans for you. There are two options for you in utilizing this: (1) You can purchase for $4900 or (2) You can lease at $250/month. All maintenance and repair costs are covered during the lease period. We are confident in our product and offer a Try Before You Buy program. This allows you to try the equipment for one month, obligation free.

Still not convinced?

Sign Up Onsite Demo

Sign up for an onsite demo. We will bring the equipment to you to test out at your location.

Sign-Up for our Try Before You Buy Program

Or sign up for our Try Before You Buy program to have a 30 day risk free trial. This program allows you to try the machine for 30 days no strings attached. Nothing to lose in this program. With a no-risk trial and no out-of-pocket, you can get to see savings on your monthly hauling fees right away. The system will pay for itself.

Sign Up Lease to Own

Or sign up for a lease to own option, similar to leasing a car. You pay the monthly fee and we cover service and maintenance until you own the equipment. Yes, you can pay off the remainder of the lease at any time to own it yourself.