Introducing The Super CrusherTM

Try Before You Buy Offer!

CanCyclor Model 10-01-02
We take the risk out of the equation and are so confident that you’ll be impressed with this innovative technology, that we are offering you a 90-day, no questions asked opportunity to test the latest Can Crushing solution that’s revolutionizing the industry. Receive, anywhere in the Mpls./St. Paul, a brand-new Super Crusher™ System that includes the crushing machine, cart, tote bins.
Save 600
Only $300 Monthly Payments
Try Before You Buy 30 Days
List Price $4950 Training & Service Included

Obtaining Your System is Easy!

1. Contact us, share your equipment needs and provide a shipping address
2. Sign for receipt and receive an invoice for the full system payable in 120 days
3. Push your system to the limit (it can handle it) and reach out if any assistance is needed with set up or operation.

What CanCyclor Does For You

  • We will then be in touch to confirm the request so we can get the equipment prepared specifically for you.
  • We will cover the shipping cost to and from your location. The program is available in the US. A loading dock or forklift will be required to unload The Super Crusher.
  • CanCyclor will provide, free of cost, a trained and experienced technical service expert for set up and operating support on demand.
  • If you don’t like the product for any reason, contact us directly at 651-342-3857 and we will solve your issues or complete the return process. If a return is not requested within the 90 days after receipt, the invoice is due Net 30, and the invoice must be paid in full.
Try Before You Buy